Team Liquid

Team Liquid Logo & Style Guide 2017

Please use the following style guide when using the Team Liquid logo and text.

View Team Liquid 2017 Style Guide (PDF; 6MB)

Download Team Liquid Brand Assets (ZIP; 10MB)

Inside the brand assets package you will find our logo in various file formats and approved designs. Please take care to comply with the style guide when using our brand materials.

General Usage of Brand Materials

Unless you are authorized to do so, please refrain from using our logo in situations where it could be construed as officially representing Team Liquid's professional teams or sites. Additionally, we understand the complexities involved when talking about the community and professional team, so if you happen across a potentially grey area feel free to contact one of our senior staff members and they'll be happy to field your question.

The Team Liquid logo is a copyrighted work. Commercial use of our logo without our express written permission is forbidden.